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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Such a Sushi


Choker:: Buttery Toast :: The Rule of Cute ( Blue ) :: * Black Dot Event *
Dress:: R3VOLT! :: Caerie Dress :: * New *
Hair:: !OhMai Salon :: Callia :: * New *
Bow:: -UtopiaH- :: Spiked Plastic Bow ( Raven ) :: * Save the Date *
Poses:: //Elephante Poses// :: Mr Charm :: *FREE*

~ Dress Me Up, Oppa ~ 

Ears:: Mandala :: Stretched Ears 
Garter:: Violent Seduction :: Black/Silver Vinyl Star
Armwarmers:: [SAKIDE] :: Leather Armwarmers 
Horns:: {Amai} :: Kanibaru Horn :: Inusweet Blue Raspberry
Lipstick:: Eyelure :: Kiss Me Gloss ( Juicy Fruit ) 
Peircings:: Cute Poison :: Stellar Piercings 
Eyes:: The Sugar Garden :: Mori Eyes ( Ice Blue ) 
Eyeshadow:: A&A :: Princess Blossom Eyeshadow ( Blue ) 
Freckles:: -UtopiaH- :: My Freckled Blush
Sushi Kittie:: Birdy :: Sushi Kitties ( Shrimp )


So today was a mess.
I couldnt take my driving test because I had a crack in the windshield which was dumb because it was only a small crack that happened about 3 days ago prior to my test of course.
Then they told me that I had to take the whole thing over again because apparently it is expired even though I am an override and I dont have to retake everything till 2016.
So basically I have to either fight it or give in and retake the written test three times till I get it again. lol

So I want to say sorry for not posting as much because I just have been feeling kinda down not to much emotionally just kinda mentally...all my looks have been kinda drabby to the point I dont feel as if I am doing well enough.

I have a guilty pleasure and it is this song.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Bunny Mouth


Choker:: Buttery Toast :: The Rule of Cute ( Black ) :: * Black Dot Event *
Collar:: R3VOLT! :: Bridget Collar [V3] :: * New *
Headband::R3VOLT! :: Millie Headband [V3] :: * New *
Dress:: R3VOLT! :: Prenna Dress [V2] :: * New *
Sandals:: Pure Poison :: Kate Sandals :: * Newish *
" I got these for a Lazy Sunday or Friday ( I have been busy ) a couple weeks ago, I love them "
Poses:: //elephante poses// :: California Love :: * VIP *
Hair:: .Atomic. :: Cute PoPo :: * New *
Backpack:: [Miseria] :: Cherub Backpack ( Black ) :: * The Seasons Story *
Ribbon Tat:: Neo** :: Lululala ( Summer Ribbon ) :: * The Seasons Story *

~Dress Me Up, Oppa~

Ears:: MANDALA :: Stretched Ears
Glasses: .Pekka. :: Kawaii Glasses ( Black ) 
Bunny Ears:: [NoRe!] :: Floppy Bunny Ears
Pin:: .Random.Matter. :: MisaMisa Pins ( Me Gusta ) 
Eyes:: The Sugar Garden :: Vibrant ( Dark Brown ) 
Freckles:: -UtopiaH- :: My Freckled Blush 
Eyeliner:: Corvus :: Cateyes Eyeliner
Skin:: The Sugar Garden :: Baby ( B Tone ) 


Today is not a very good day.
It started off well enough I went driving and drove on the highway to the next town over which was my first ever. Nervous but I conquered and it just makes me feel more secure about my test on Saturday.
On the other hand, I lost my dog today as well. She ran away when my aunt opened the door with a newborn baby and it was out of her hands as my dog is a beagle so she bolted.

She was never my favorite dog, but I would never wish the loneliness she is prob feeling at this moment in the woods. If she doesn't come home I hope she finds a family who loves her as much as we did...and I hope Molly eats up their furniture as she did ours. ( She is only 9 months old ) 

Welp, I am sorry if I turned this blog into a sad fest..sadly I wasn't devoted to this look or it's editing.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Trio of Rockstar Sandwiches TTP!

 ~ New-Venties ~

Eyes:: The Sugar Garden :: Summer Eyes ( Dark Brown ) :: * Cosmetic Fair *
Shirt/Undershorts:: 20.Five :: Geral :: * New *
Bracelets:: R3VOLT! :: Unisex Bracelets [V3] :: * New *
Boots:: R3VOLT! :: Kenna Boots :: * New *
Skirt:: DuckNipple :: Roosje Skirt :: * New *
Nail Appliers:: Lolapop :: Argyle Nails ( Emerald Green ) :: * New *
" Dont forget to check out their new mainstore for goodies galore! "
Rings:: -UtopiaH- :: My Melted Bat Ring ( Ivory ) :: * Gacha Mania *
Hair:: .Ploom. :: Pickle ( Candy ) :: * Hair Fair * 
Pin:: .Random.Matter. :: MisaMisa Pins ( Random -Alien ) :: * Manga Fair 2014 *
Chair:: 22769~[Bauwerk] :: Baroque Armchair ( Black/BW ) :: *Genre*
Wall Art:: [Fetch] :: Roque Wall Art :: *Genre*


( Also took the top picture used for these circles )  

~ Dress Me Up, Oppa~

Poses:: Frozen :: Guitar Poses
Under Bracelets:: +DV8+ :: Deathrock Candy Bracelet
Ears:: *EPIC* :: Mesh Sylph Ears
Headband:: Action :: Studded Headband
Bow:: R3VOLT! :: Beau Headband
Antlers:: +Half-Deer+ :: Jackalope Antlers
Horns:: {Amai} :: Kanibaru Horns ( Kyle Onyx ) 
Lipstick:: cStar :: Lips Matte 96
Collar:: DuckNipple :: Queen Collar 
Piercing:: +Dv8+ :: Belly Peircing ( Cyber Cross ) 
Nose Piercing:: Zombie Suicide :: Lien Nose Piercing
Shoulderpads:: PP :: Spiked Military Shoulders 
Wings:: [AUX] :: Free ( Slate ) ---Heavily Modded
Blush:: DeadApples :: Anime Blusher 
Eyeliner:: {S0NG} :: Ink Eyeliner (10) 
Cat Whiskers:: {Sugar Heart} :: Cat Whiskers 
Skin:: Pink Acid :: Annette ( Freckles ) 
Tattoo:: [TRS] :: Dia De Los Muertos 


Do you know how long? 3 darn days.
I felt like I was dying.
Do you know how much internet is used?
Alot. Everything I own is used...Phone, TV just my life was gone..
However I got so much sleep that I dont know what to do with myself.

So this post reminded me of my favorite K-Drama Shut Up & Lets Go also known as Shut Up Flower Boys Band, and not to mention my love for Sung Joon's raspy voice throat box.