Friday, May 20, 2022

Not willing to pretend

“I wasn’t willing to pretend I wasn’t damaged anymore.”
― Nitya Prakash

Boots: parfait. : Kyoko Boots @ mainstore
Outfit: ERSCH : Ginny Suit for Witchcraft & Wizardry

Body Freckles: DAZED : Full Body Freckles
Skin: [ODIO] : Sulli Skin in Dark Tone
Nails: UNHOLY : Halimaw ( Hudded )
Garter: Pushin' Daisies x Rotten : Alice Ruffles in Black
Bandaid: Oinc : Bandaid ( Hudded )
Eyebrows: A R T E : Linda Eyebrows in Black
Face Tat: ((Mister Razzor)) : Darkness Face Tattoo
Eye infection: duckie : infected
Eye Makeup: +KP+ Dramatic Eye Makeup
Stockings: rotting daisies : alice socks in Black 100%
Body Tat: .:Vegas:. : Tattoo Flue in Dark
Hair: Magika : Kayla
Earrings: e.marie : Mimi Earrings in Silver


Thursday, May 19, 2022


“In our world, I rank music somewhere between hair ribbons and rainbows in terms of usefulness.”
― Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

Nails: -Sixx- : Claws in Pastel @ mainstore
Outfit: Oddysee : Amaya outfit for Dollholic Event

Body Freckles: DAZED : Full Body Freckles
Shine: BLAXIUM : Holographic Body Shine
Skin: [ODIO] : Sulli Skin in Dark Tone
Barrels: Tamagosenbei : Thirsty 6 Pack Barrels ( Pastel )
Antennas: HAZEL : Alien Antenna ( Hudded )
Lipgloss: Malina : Maddy HD Lipgloss
Jewels: CURELESS[+] : Luxurious Dolls Citrine Lotus 
Face Stars: !13ACT : Facial Stars #Pastel Rainbow
Eyebrows: A R T E : Linda Eyebrows in Tintable
Blush: DAZED : Sleep Face Blush
Ear Blush: VENGE : Ear Blushing in no.32
Beauty Marks: {wistaria} : florence beauty marks
Hair: Magika : Gemma ( Hudded )
Stockings: Schadenfreude : Opaque Pastel Rainbow
Body Blush: Cake Inc. : Kawaii Kuma Bodyblush
Bruises: PC : Love Marks V2 ( Tintable )
Pasties: Oddysee : Yua Pasties ( Hudded )
Garter: {minuit} : Nora Garter ( Hudded )
Thigh Squishy: MAZE : Soft Thighs BOM


Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Outfit: Bamboo : Ashe Outfit @ mainstore
Nails: polar<3bunny : isabella nails FOR REBORN ONLY @ mainstore
Garters: CryBunBun : Blushy Garters for Maze Soft Thighs @ mainstore

Body Freckles: DAZED : Full Body Freckles
Skin: [ODIO] : Sulli Skin in Dark tone
Necklace: MICHAN : Kacey Necklace 
ArmTie: Vincue : Lovie Armtie ( Hudded )
Eyebrows: {wistaria} : hattie brows in ebony
Liner: WarPaint* : Possession 
Cheek Stars: rotten : tiny dreamer in silver foil
Tattoos: Marsh : Details Tattoo
Pills: Ahegao : Glitter Pills in Orange
Hair: WINGS : ER0424 in Variety Pack