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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuft Style/ Tuft @ Spring Bazzar

I was browsing a website when someone posted a really good sale about Tuft, a store with cheap prices and in the Spring Bazaar.
Now till I met the owner of Tuft I had no idea there was a spring bazaar not to mention had no intrest at the time, because I was already low on funds as it is when the owner gave me the landmark to the bazaar I immediately gather myself enough money to go.

Before going into the bazaar I gathered some items from the Tuft store, as a legging girl I snatched up all 3 of her leggings ( Dotzzz, Heartzzz, Grunge Star ) for 10L each. They are also sold at her booth in the Spring Bazaar.
They come as one pant piece and shape the body perfectly like any great legging does, and my personally always pair it up with a good boot ( since I am a boot girl aswell )
Another item I purchased a secret dollarbie ( at the Spring Bazaar ) called Skreamin Love Tee which comes in a jacket and shirt layer and super wicked gut covered heart print.
In the Spring Bazaar there is dollarbies hidden in eggs around the person's booth it is up to you to find them all but they are awesome and each booth has a unqiue setup. ( I saw a big lollipop ).
I suggest you go to the Tuft store and purchase lots of goodies at cheap prices.

As a special bonus I took pictures of the store owner because her avi was super cute and made me smile. SAY CHEESE!

Skreamin Tee- Tuft
Dotzz Leggings- Tuft
Bracalets- +DV8+
TrashTalker Boots- +DV8+
Javierra Hair- Vixen
Skin- HeartSick

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