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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Circle Project Favorites

~ Rumors are that " The Circle Project " is arrived..~

20 participating stores come together to do what they do best..Designs awesome stuff for you..
Stores in the Project:

[BUTT-ERR], The Sea Hole, !imabee, Pididdle,Intrigue Co, Humby Designs, (Wasted Youth) ,[kik],

, Medley, ,[Pink Fuel], BeetleBones, Tee*fy, Area Code, Boho, RCBG, Addict, Tea, Strumpet, Atheo’s.

I have put together 2 outfits that I bought from the Project which is mostly showing off some great cheap skins and other.

Skin-!Imabee 50L

Shirt- Intrigue Co 25L

Pants- Tee*fy 60L

Skin- Pinkfuel 150L

Pants- Tee*fy

So far that is all I got to buy and they are wonderful, Pinkfuel skins are always exceptional and the tight pants are always spectacular..

Sushi Roll shirts just make me happy and Leopard print anything also makes me quite happy.

Click the link to go to The Circle Project.

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