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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bake Sale Sunday with Cupcakes and [W.w.W]

~ Bake Sale, But no cuppy cakes...ultimately makes me sad ~

Cupcakes had it's weekly 50L Bake Sale outside the store front along with other particpating stores that surround it.

What Women Wants Fashion or [W.w.W] added this seducing latex mini dress with 2 different shirt layers for alternative possiblites.
Cupcakes 50L skin London-Whisper-Retro ( easier to put the whole title ) was such a delight to spot. The milky white pasty skin gets the color it deserves when a light orange toned lipstick is added.
[W.w.W] also put out another outfit with latex pants and skirt, which is my favorite outfit of this weeks 50L bake sale. With the suspenders being in a jacket layer you can put any undershirt or shirt layer to create multiple outfits with the same latex pants.
Cupcakes 50L London-Sienna-Retro was also on my buy list for many reasons. The tan skins by CUPCAKES has to be on my top list for skin makers and always comes with a darker lip color and rosie cheeks. Lately I have been loving the dark lipstick colors and bold statements which combined together in this look.

Only a couple more hours till the Sunday Bake Sale is over.

Additional Information:

The Telephone necklace is by Malizz Yiyuan Creation to celebrate her 600th member in her group, it is color change-able over 100 colors to choose from.

Cupcakes skins also contains many eyebrow colors and 2 different styles.

My shape is also in the Bake Sale 50L by Cupcakes it's called Darla and it is totally different from what I am use to, but how I love it so.

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