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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ Halloween Line

~ Don't blame me for editing, blame my OCD for making things weird~

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ has some neat little treats for you.

Gacha's all over the entrance of +++BLUE BLOOD+++ and one is this beautiful tutu skirt that is part of the Halloween line for 13L..
After without much success I couldn't get the last color orange but they are transferable so I was able to give some to my friends.

Also at the entrance is a new outfit also from the Halloween line for 113L.
Able to choose from 4 colors purple, teal, orange and pink
Each sold separately.
Full Dress Set and some pretty cool tattoos but only in clothes layers.

* Halloween Line ends October 30th *

This has nothing to do with her Halloween line but this is another Gacha called "Tale" for 13L.
This dress has a magical fairy purched on her mushroom to make this tale come true.
Apparently the gacha's wanted me to have purple.
Also transferable.

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