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Friday, October 29, 2010

::{Favole}:: Halloween Hunt

~ Getting closer to Halloween, which means 57 days till Christmas! ~

::{Favole}:: is having a small hunt in the yard of their store which has been decked out with zombies, tombstones and little ghosts for you to find.

Each ghost is 0-10L and the prize inside is well worth it.
Till November 1st

Here is a few prizes:
Decay- blindfold covered with creepy spiders ( cute )
Devils Advocate- BEAUTIFUL shoes, I always loved long heel shoes (10L )
Accursed- These are the horns ontop of my head they come in a pack of 5 all different.
Latex Lies- The ears on the side of my head, latex and covered in spiders..mmm
Seul- very small wings perched on my back.

There is also some cool little floating prizes

Trick or Treat is one of my favorites. It has a face >.<

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