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Friday, October 1, 2010

Fierce Designs- Boyfriend's Shirt

~ Note: When wearing boyfriend shirts, make sure it is your own boyfriend, I dont want to cause no drama :o ~

Fierce Designs has given me some cute boyfriend shirts to blog about this week and that is what I shall do

( there is also a blemish in the pictures provided because no matter how hard I refreshed/baked/cooked my avatar I couldnt get it to go away, so I said " frack it " and left it as is, IF you cant see it, then I didnt say any of this. )

The boyfriend shirt comes in 4 different colors: Pink, Black, Green and White along with some prim attachments.
Also comes with blue panties which the contrast color, your eyes will zoom in on them.
Go get yourself a boyfriend shirt already.

Note: Also testing new ways to make pictures, so I dont bombard the information with pictures. I also am gonna include certain things I wear on the picture, like above...Sound nifty?

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