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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hump Day Happiness- A-BOMB/Ink'Spirations Studio

~ I live the life of a cluttered person who is Obsessed with Video games..You? ~

A-bomb has produced this awesome Hump Day Happiness gift for you which comes with a teal dress AND shoes..Now not alot of stuff includes the shoes specially for a price of 69L.
The shoes are absolute pretty and I love ribbons like most girls do. So yeah a must buy in my opinion, not to mention A-bomb is my favorite shoe store. They should Adopt me.. ( *nod nod * )

ALSO..their was alittle gift in the Fabulously Free group from Ink'Spirations Studio which is a female tattoo layer of a skull/rose..I found it uniquely beautiful so I thought I would show you...
Tommarow it says she is planning on sending a guys layer of a certain tattoo or the same one I dont think it was defined so if you havent joined the "Fabulously Free In SL" group, just go to your search in groups and type it in..

They also mention how inside the store they have a dollarbie section with one for guys and one for girls...So I would check that out as well..

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