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Monday, November 8, 2010

{Frick}'s Rez Day Freebies

~ Happy Late 3rd Rez Day to Fricka ~

Since it is Fricka's Rez Day, {Frick} put out some Freebies till Nov 14Th
as well as a sale for 50% off all blue and red tagged items.

Inside the freebie box is a set of skins called " Noveria" in 2 different shades and varies eyebrow colors and cleavage consistences. Noveria is a beautiful skin with bright inspired face makeup in a swirl like design down the eyes and don't forget the lipstick with it's duo colored vertical lining.
Secondly, there is a tattoo layer which goes over the eyes in a blue shade to the makeup brighter ( color in pictures doesn't do justice ).

Lastly, life couldnt be more better then getting a beautiful corset to match the skin, It took me a bit to find an outfit to fit the awesomeness of {Frick}'s corset...but I think I found a pretty good outfit..

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