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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A-BOMB Clothes/Shoes...SEAL!

A-BOMB has produced some really awesome new clothes/shoes during this holiday season ( which needs to hurry up and pass ) and here is my style outlook on it.

Now let me direct your attention to the cute little seals in the background...I have no clue where I was, but I loved it...lots of animals....

Anyways I chosen specific things to blog about this time because the gray sweater dress was not working on me at all...it was being a pain in the booty...and no matter how much I modded it for my small avi it wasnt working..So I decided to take the top part of the sweater dress and make it a whole different outfit.
Sweater Dresses are 200L each in 8 different colors

These shoes are also from A-BOMB gray and black flats which are super stylish, and only 50L to grab up

Style Card:

Shoes- A-BOMB
Shirt- A-BOMB
Pants- Concrete Flowers/Kosh
Skin- Rockberry
Hair- Magika
Necklace- Blow Up

Poses by:

Still Life

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