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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{Frick}'s Store Hunt Items and SPIRIT FINGERS

Every time {Frick} has a hunt, sale, or anything literally amazing I am attracted to it like a fly on the wall, I have been an dedicated {Frick} shopper since I started SL so around 08. Her items are nothing short of a miracle in my little mind and I was happy to find out she had a Christmas Hunt in her store...
Here is what I liked the most:

Lets start with the outfit I have been sporting the most half of the day.
{Frick} hunt has a variety from 5 or 6 skins and clothes.
So when combined makes a pretty cool snow vixen ( I call it vixen ) set.
Its actually called " Bard's Winter Set "

Next is still the same skin ( only I attached a KOSH red eyeshadow to darken it a bit ) and the next pretty vixen set is in Christmas.
" Bard's Holly Set"
Something about scandalously clad outfits makes me a happy camper.
Lastly, ( same skin ) but with the pretty warm fitting sweater long sleeved and ready for winter ( used the holly panties ).

Make sure to bundle up you dont want to get sick like I did running around playing with snowmen doing spirit fingers.

Style Card::

Skin- {Frick} in sugar ( * NEW* )
Outfits- Holly Set-
{Frick} ( * NEW* )
Winter Set-
{Frick} (* NEW* )
Long Sleeve Sweater -
{Frick} ( * NEW* )
Bracalets- +DV8+
Tail- Bad Juju
Eyes- NightShade
Eyeshadow in Pic 2- KOSH
Stockings in pic 1 & 3 - Forsaken ( * they are color changeable * )
Stockings in Pic 2 - Arsenic Lace ( got them a year ago 25L packs )
Hair- Magika ( Snow Queen 2009 - Produces snowflakes )

Pic 1- I dont remember
Pic 2- Get Bent
Pic 3- Still Life

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