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Monday, January 3, 2011

promatique leggings =:0

Yesterday was Sunday ( for those who dont follow days ) and it was also the Bake Sale...I havent been to a Bake Sale Sunday in about 4 weeks because I havent been on SL on a sunday...for about well 4 weeks.

I was very pleased this time they had so many goodies and I couldnt choose what I wanted to blog about...but these stockings by promatique stuck out the most with their vibrant colors and wicked patterns I had to say " Yes keep this here " and the rest is history of yesterday.
Star Powa!!
That is what I am gonna call these leggings..They are so cute with pops of colors and low riding ( my booty crack shows )...cover up girl.
" pimkie leggings" these ones are called.
They are very gorgeous flowers, lines and super disco color locations.
Pose Card:

Poses are varied..which means I dont know exactly who is who..( I put them in a pose hud ) but if I even have one pose of yours..your link is on the side bar..

1st: Glitterati
2nd pose: Get Bent

Clothes Card:

Shoes: Sn@tch
promatique * NEW *
Corset: Sn@tch
Under Shirt: ..::A.Y.Y::..
Necklace: Blow-Up
Hair: Magika
Horns: ::LEO-NT:: ( you cant really see them )

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