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Monday, February 14, 2011

+++BLUEBLOOD+++ Release " Elaine "

In the spirit of this Valentine's Day I decided to get naked for you...I know right...Smoking.
In all reality my friends at +++BLUEBLOOD+++ has sent me this brand new outfit called " Elaine" which is a style of outfit I never knew could be so complex and beautiful at the same time.
I say this because not only does this outfit has multiple layers, styles and wears but it also has primmed corsets.
Some of you might not like it, some will love it.

Without further ado...Me nakey.
With the corset it makes your waist tiny-er and since it IS a primmed corset it does move with the body, it just gives you a challenge when it comes to take pictures...( but dont fret there is also Alpha layers to help you hide some parts of your body )
Comes in colors : Teal, Pink, Black, Purple, Red

The White Set Comes Out Soon!!

Style Card:

Complete outfit provided by:
+++BLUEBLOOD+++ * NEW* Elaine
Poses by:
EverGlow ( Model #194 ) and Still Life ( Darling Secrets )
Hair by:
Magika ( zomg! in Brown B )
Skin by:
Heartsick ( Enchanted:Bliss:Fuschia )

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