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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PinkFuel's Spotted Love

"Hey You!"
I've been waiting...in this same position for awhile now...
Waiting for you to come and find me.
You won't win this game..Because...No one has ever been able to find me yet.

This is the brand new skin " Spotted Love " from PinkFuel's participation in the Diamond Mine Hunt. This skin ONLY comes in the honey tone but it has other options like mouth open/ closed and of course different eyebrow tones.

She is the last spot of this hunt so if you do the hunt fairly you will get this awesome skin which is secretly the best prize of them all *SHHHH*
( My Opinion )
If your like me of course you scout out all the best stores and just pick and choose.
Happy Hunting.

Style Card:

Hair- Magika- (Tessa)
Bracelets- Rotten Toe
Pants- +DV8+( From the Shameless Halters Set )

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