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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A-BOMB Stuff

While I was gone I completely missed the Shoe Fair, but I didn't forget my blogging responsibilities and got this blogger pack from A-BOMB with her shoes and goodies from the fair. Perfect opportunity to showcase these beautiful shoes.
All shoes came with a HUD in lots of bright colors.

Lavea Shoes- 600L w/ HUD - 200L individual

Katy Shoes- 600L w/HUD- 200L individual

Khitten Rainbow Shoes- 200L

Sileny Flats- 200L w/HUD- 50L indvidual

I am also sporting two of the A-BOMB shirts.
Bottom picture shirt is 75L a summery cami that comes with a primmed flowing layer.
A sexy scoop neckline tee for 75L which features your best asset in front and alittle something in the back.

Here is what I am wearing::

Skin - Nuuna
Hair - lamb. ( Group Gift- Honeycomb Roots)
Shirts & Shoes- A-BOMB
Eyes- Negaposi ( Vampire Eyes in Dark Water )

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