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Friday, June 3, 2011

Haut.Monde review

So there is a brand new store out there for everyone to be talking about called Haut.Monde and I was able to showcase some of their lovely creations.
I decided to do two different looks a kind of day vs. night look.

Take a gander at all these photos::

Look 1- Daytime

For this daytime look I decided to wear Haut.Monde's Vintage Jeans (199L), Uproar Boots (349L) in Coral Rose and Lacy Back Tank (149L) in Coral Rose.
What I love about this look is the colors how vibrant the Coral Rose was and every item featured in this blog is apart of a bigger set of colors for you to pick and choose from.

These are just a few colors from the Uproar Boots set.
Coral Rose, Black, Silver Peony and Peapod

Dont ask why I am in a bathtub.
Look 2- Night Time

For my night time look I matched up Midnight Jeans (199L), Gossip Pumps in Honeysuckle (249L), Renegade Jacket in Silver (149L), and the top part of the Blynn dress in Honeysuckle (249L).
I loved the Blynn dress but I had to modify the skirt which made me really bulky ( I fail at modding ), so I thought it would be cool to use the top in this look.
Gossip Pumps in a few colors:
Lavender, Honeysuckle and Peapod
I hope you enjoyed this review on some of more to come from Haut.Monde

Look 1:
Entire outfit by: Haut.Monde
Glasses by: DUBOO
Lipstick by: KOSH
Bracelets By: DM
Skin by: JeSyLiLO
Hair by: Magika

Look 2:
Enitre Outfit by: Haut.Monde
Glasses by: [bubble]
Lipstick by: KOSH
Bracelets by: +DV8+
Skin by: JeSyLiLO
Hair: Magika

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