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Monday, June 27, 2011

Style Ward Look 1

Since I have been on SL more frequently I noticed I change my style all the time, I mean ALL the time so I am gonna make a silly little sequence called " Style Ward " which documents all styles I wear.

I hope you enjoy!!
So my look for today is alittle nerdy rainboweque pattern style.
Which features how much I love colors and how much I love doughnuts in the process.

Here is how you achieve this look::

Shoes: Sn@tch ( has lots of dark shoes for around 200-300L )
Leggings: Sick With Lust ( full of bright patterned leggings for 25L )
Tutu: Canimal ( lots of color tutu's for 90L )
Corset: +++BLUEBLOOD+++ ( A brand new corset that comes in a set )
Bracelets: Artilleri ( they were part of a sale haul )
Glasses: +DV8+ ( took from a male clothing set )
Flower: CONCRETE FLOWERS ( Zombie Floweeerrrr Braaiinnnssss)
Hair: TRUTH ( everyone knows about Truth hair )
Eyes: Negaposi ( part of a 50L pack )
Skin: Haut.Monde ( because I lovvvveee it )

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