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Friday, July 8, 2011

Yes I am Spoiled

So this is gonna be my new blog style, I find I lag less when I am in a white room, and my crappy computer can work better around it...not to mention BABY IS GETTING A NEW COMPUTER *thrashes around*..

New!!! Shoes from Haut Monde from Woeful Wednesday BUT they are a new overall shoe called Natalee Wedges and I enjoy them quite a bit.

+++BLUEBLOOD+++ has tickled my happy bone with these awesome set colors from the "Spoiled Doll" series...I waited a bit to blog so I could run around in it for a week and I have to say I prefer the ruffles version over the skirt just because when I get tired I can sit down and not be bunched into a ball..lol
Of the colored set I ADORE the pink and teal it makes me squee with happiness and I want to do a look of it in the future.

Red/Gold - Red/Blue - Purple/Green - Pink/Teal - Orange/Gold/Black

From the single color " Spoiled Doll " series
( Pink is missing because it was being fickle and wouldnt rez properly )

Other Things I am wearing:

Skin- Haut Monde
Pose- Posies

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