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Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday is the new Saturday Post!

So this was my funky fusion avatar that I created based on some new awesome stuff.

Haut.Monde has came out with some new stuff " Glitter Tops " " Hysteria Skirt " and " Cassandra Clutch" which in the end was my inspiration for this look. The Tops are super pastel and glittery and I dont really work well with bright colors so all the pictures didnt feature how awesome the glitter is. Hysteria Skirts on the other hand are freaking awesome they remind me of " Space Girl " an old game for the Playstation 2 and how her skirt was hoop related.
Everything comes in varietys of pastel colors.

Also I got this super cute hair from Lamb. called " My Little Pony"...I love it. It reminds me of my hair now only replace the white with a darker brown tone. I love how I can relate to it and how it is/was 50L to purchase. Yay cute cheapers.

Styler Card:

Skirt and Top: Haut.Monde
Leggings: {birdy}
Hair: Lamb.
Clutch: Haut.Monde
Scarf: Unknown
Skin: Pinfuel

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