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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Under my Umbrella.

 :: New Stuff::

Juxtapose- Bumbershoot Poses- Umbrella
Comes with several poses to choose from
Very fun and I love the umbrella is scripted so you don't have to have just plain white.

Alice Project- Aniya- Hair
Mesh hair is now available at Alice Project.
Scripted so it is a click base hair changer..
Also comes with a underneath part also script changer.

::CENSORED::- Lolli Dress
Cute spring like dress with different colored floral ( leaves? ) pattern
Cannot be modded.
So I put pulled it up to make it shorter..LOL

JeSyLiLO - Autumn - Tan
Tan and pale are totally different versions. 
Love. Red Lipstick. 
Comes in Shiny or Matte.
Matte preferable

: Other Stuff :

Shoes- ABOMB
Bracelets- Artilleri

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