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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Matrioska Kawaii Skin

 :: Whats New ::

Matrioska is +++BLUEBLOOD+++'s new skin store.
Yes she has started to make dollie inspired skin and today I featured the new and cute:

Kawaii Skin

This skin comes with it's mouth open or closed and it is so freaking adorable.
It has a ruby red lip, some serious freckles and pale as a porcelain doll.
No mod/No trans


::: What Else I am Wearing ::

Skin- Matrioska ( Kawaii ) *NEW*
Shoes- +++BLUEBLOOD+++ ( Ballet Boots )
Necklace- Violent Seduction ( Exposed Group Gift )
Dress - Rotten Toe ( The FluFF )
Hair - TRUTH ( Astrid )
Poses - Still Life ( Pretty Princess )

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