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Friday, March 2, 2012

Mesh FAILS my body

This blog is about MESH!!!

Yes, it has been along time but I am back and mesh is my topic of choice today.

Mesh on Mesh does not really work for me at least in an over lay aspect. Not only do you have so many alpha layers that like to fail when you stack them but then you have the mesh in between your mesh. So much mesh between your mesh. Lol

Cupcakes sent out a group gift named " Ruffly Cutesy Top ". It is indeed cute and comes in a couple different sizes to fit your bod. I had a hard time finding a bottom to match or even do the shirt a bit of justice, in the end I paired it with Haut.Monde's " Sunshine Skirt" which is also of mesh varieties . (DON'T cut my head off if some of the LM's are not updated...I haven't been around much. )
The other mesh item I have on in this cupcaketacular outfit is from March Mesh Madness.
Material Squirrel set out some special prices for their "Arna Horns" at 10L.
There is two different colors to choose from Dark and Pastel...I was broke so of course 10L is a steal to be a horned creature frolicking near a swing ( which mesh also does not like ) so I did buy both.

Little Side Note:: I bought some really nice hairs 250L ( also from MMM ) each from Magika but they are not really working at the moment, when I put it on little yellowish orange triangles form at the top of my head...and I can't see the hair at all...I don't know if it is me..or a script error...if anyone knows..lemme know cause I am clueless as to the problem. I feel like a noob again.

All Poses are by:: BLAH ( got from Jack Or Jill hunt )

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