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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Lovin Hunt

Summer Lovin' Hunt

Skins, Dresses, and Lucky Board 


Last night I did the Summer Lovin Hunt in the CUPCAKES sim.
Not only did I love it cause it was sim instead of a grid hunt, there was a lot of different stores to get multiple of items.
Each store put out 1-4 items in little blue beach balls, and it runs from June 9th till June 24th.
The items include ( top pictured )
CUPCAKES Skins - Chiffon - Vibrant/ Poppyseed
Sanu - Melon Popsicle
 ROPO - Poses

While I was at CUPCAKES I must say I was in some lucky with the boards around there.
Recieving three dresses:
Ballet - A Halloween Special
Sadie - Vibrant Red Beautiful dress with frilly white lace
Midnight - Lacey creme and black 

There was also something in the store called a PRIZE BOMB where you put in 10L and get a super fabulous prize. I was able to snatch up there Halloween eyes in Silver.

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