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Saturday, July 21, 2012



 BRAIN SLUUUUGGGG, Do you love it?..I do. This little guy is apart of a Marketplace store called Mesh Market..the market for tons of mesh items...from guns to this little guy. He is cute mesh and modify-able, I made him tiny enough to sink into my hair and never come out again. ( heh ). He is also glowie, so cute.
IMBUE is having a sale a back room with 100L items..I was coy and picked up this Ciao Bella shirt that matched my awesome striped skirt from Apple May Designs..." Janessa " as it is called is completely mesh and comes with many alpha layers as well as a black tanktop. Not to mention IMBUE has many many other fabulous things waiting for you to buy...If only I had enough lindens to raid the backroom.

 Pirate Arts has made a whole new batch of SHOES!!...Yes my heart skips a beat when I think about all the shoes I come in contact with and Pirate Arts is one of my favorite to work with. These beauties are mesh, suede and do not have a heel. Stand on your tippy toes women.
Comes with a HUD in which you can change your toenail color, skin color and little bow color. SO many colors than you know what to do with,


HAIR: Magika
BRAIN SLUG: Mesh Market
SKIN: Beautycode
BOW: Kennedy's
MOUTH: [ soap ]
RING: Artilleri
BRACELETS: Artilleri
SHOES: Pirate Arts
SKIRT: Apple May Designs

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