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Saturday, August 25, 2012

LOTD: *Epic* Latex Mouse

 Do you know the way home?

My look of the day is based off some of the stuff I bought at Fashion Voodoo ( okies maybe one thing )..
I saw blog posts about *Epic*'s Latex Vixen outfit which is mesh and I had to have it for myself.
I was not displeased at all for it is super awesome ( totally rocking the latex pant/boot combo. 300L gets you mesh thigh high boots, latex pants and a mesh latex bandage top. Love it very much.

ALSO I got this cute little " Baddie " toaster for 100L isn't it cute, it spits out red particles and has crying toast inside of it...CRYING TOAST..pretty cool xD.
 I also wanted to ramble about this cute hair I bought from !lamb. Although it isn't a new release I bought it with a happy heart and I absolute adore the way they make their " unusual tones ". Super Fun and more posts with this hair to come.


COLLAR: Violent Seduction
MOUTH: [ soap ]
NECKLACE: Cute Bytes
BRACELETS: Artilleri
EARS: Burley
GLASSES: Fir & Mna
HAIR: !lamb.
SKIN: Heartsick
CORSET: Sn@tch
EYES: Rotten Toe

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