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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Male Attempt: Aeva Jared

 This is my attempt to be a sexy male. 

Well Heartsick/Aeva put out these awesome male skins for the " Wash Cart Sale " which everything is 10L or under...and ooooooooo 10 L skin.
I never did male skin before so I am afraid I don't have appropriate clothing so "he" was stuck with female pants, woman hair and a male tank top a friend gave me. " Jared " comes with 3 different tones and a sexy goatee but that's not all, my most worries came from the fact I did not have a male shape, of course Heartsick/Aeva took care of that for they have a shape inside the box with the skin!!!...Yeah good job...I am sexy.
I edited the shape alittle because it comes with small eyes, and that is a big no no for Harlez here.


SKIN: Aeva *NEW*
SHAPE: Heartsick *NEW*
SHIRT: Stained Clothing

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