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Monday, September 3, 2012

Designer Circle # 36 Phoebe/Step inSide/Co*Motion

 Designer Circle no 36 is pulling into this station of mine and here are the goodies I decided to blog first.

Phoebe has gotten me into piercings again..for a long time I hated piercings on avatars because it would require so much editing and I am a lazy person to begin with so dont get me started. ^ _ ^ Anyways these piercings from Phoebe are absolute sex. I am wearing two different kinds: The first one is a facial piercing with a color scripted Monroe gem which can be turned into any color ( metal comes in black and silver ). The other is a belly piercing with a unique pattern that goes down the stomach also in black and silver.

*Step inSide* has made some beautiful eyes that comes in many colors in blueish/green hues. They don't have the colors listed but it is called no 4 which is a greenish hazel eye color and it suits my look very well.
 Co*Motion made a lovely bench this round with 6 poses ( 3 featured in this blog ). I really loved the one above pictured. It is sexy and sassy and the bench is well made. Comes with 3 different pillows in vibrant colors.


EYES: Step inSide
NAILS: Rezlpsa Loc
HAIR: =DeLa=
SHIRT: =Krautuve=
SKIN: al vulo
SHOES: Smexy

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