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Monday, September 10, 2012

Dimbula Rose Freebies

 So this is Dimbula Rose  goodie blog, hope you enjoy it.

I saw a new event while browsing called Beginner's Luck, which is a small event where everything is FREE...Yes Free I almost squeed as well.
I decided to take this as a sign to snatch up every Dimbula Rose thing on her little stand and low and behold their was also 15 Min Camping chairs ( which I haven't seen one since beginner Harley days ).

On my friend Misa she is wearing the 15 Min Camp " Striped Dress " which is a cute baby style dress in light grey and black. On the other hand of course I had to wear the pink baby doll dress also free for it's big and cute bow fashioned on top of my head. 

As for skin Misa is wearing the Lucky Board skin " Noon Porter " which is fashioned with a many butterfly tattoos and a light airy feel to the skin while I am getting all clowned up with Dimbula's free " Red clown skin " which is adorned with many star tattoos.

For right now their is no time limit to go there, so gather up your freebies. ^ _ ^


On Misa::

Skin: :::Dimbula Rose::: Noon Porter  * LUCKY BOARD *
Dress: :::Dimbula Rose::: Stripe Turn Dress (B&W) * 15 MIN Camp Chair *
Tattoo: ::::Geisha:::: 
Necklace: St.Valentine
Bracelet/Rings: [NEKISH] Punky B&W/ .:* LouLoy&Co *:. Rings ::Voodoo::
Hat: :::Dimbula Rose::: Bloody Grey Macaroon * NEW*
Eyes: Hearteyes Cool Grey
Hair: Truth Gianna Strawberry
Shoes: Miel Far Boots

On Me: 

SHOES: ArisAris 
SKIN: Dimbula Rose * NEW* 
DRESS: Dimbula Rose  * NEW *

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