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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nakey Elf Lady

 Holy Grain!..( I am sorry for the ewwwy pictures..I have been distracted as of late )

From the order of the pictures I am gonna start from the less dress to fully dressed. 
This lovely sexy lingerie set is from * The Seer * it actually is part of a gown with many different options and counterparts ( down below I am wearing the body suit. ) It is sexy and fun and comes with garters, lace gloves and stockings. ( Apart of Mid Week Madness )

Heartsick/Aeva has managed a double elf whammy with it's Twisted Hunt blue skin to our now Finding FabFree hunt purplish skin. This breathtaking skin is apart of the Myth collection and comes with various attach ables like legs, horns ( mini too ) and a shape. ( This time around I used my own horns )

 Last but not disappointed at all is this mesh skirt and jacket by E-Clipse called " Rock Me Out ". They both come with multiple mesh sizes and alpha layers and are beautiful with design. The short jacket is best by far I have seen on SL with it's rolled up sleeves and funky pattern to match it a skirt with the same design above knee length..Men will be drooling.


HAIR: Rezlpsa Loc
HORNS: {Favole}
MOUTH: [ soap ]
EARS & SKIN: Aeva/Heartsick *NEW*
BOOTS: Smexy

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