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Thursday, October 18, 2012

1 Hundred. in many places

Simple yet informative blog to get your 1 Hundred. goodies.

::  1 Hundred. ::

These are the lovely items you can get at the corresponding sales  

OCT- 15th- 31st

Comfy Yoga Pants - Mesh Pants - Varies siszes
Slip on Top - Mesh Top - Varies sizes
Lazy Sunday - Cardigan Mesh - Varies of Sizes
Comes with tank tops in different layers

OCT 15th-31st

Freak Tee - Mesh - Varies of Sizes
Awesome detail and perfect for Halloween fun 

OCT 15th - 31st

Wistful Dress - Mesh - Varies of colors and sizes
Pretty dress, makes me kinda look pregnant but it is adorable regardless

OCT 15 - ?? ( it is Bi weekly )

Wistful Pumpkin Dress - Mesh 


HAIR: Wasabi Pills
SKIN: [MC] * Forgotten Closet *
POSES BY: ILAYA & .amato.

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