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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake

" So I am not Marie Antoinette and this isn't cake..but cupcake variety...
ANYWAYS come and check out this new look."

 :: Pretty Liar ::

Pretty Liar put out this new Cotton Dress this week in a couple different colors ( Is wearing VanillaMint  ) and they are so cute and fun you can dress it up or down for an occasion...of course if you are me, you dress..well unique.

Eyelure has put out these different tattoo layer eyelashes in 4 colors
Black/Blue/Brown/Green - is wearing the black version.

Poses by Pinkfuel
NECKLACE: Kids of Narnia
EYES: Step InSide
SKIN: [Aura]
HAIR: Magika
BOW: Kennedy's

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