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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Store Spotlight:: Blah.

" This week I am back to RL work "...and Hello New followers ^_^
This week on Store Spotlight ( my new segment I just thought of ), I venture into Blah. a store with colorful inspiring outfits and gachas I had to show you.


Blah. has 4 gacha machines out in her store for 50L a try with Trident, Bow, Knife and Devil tail prizes this Halloween season and each gacha machine has some rares hidden as well.

:: The Boobies Show ::

This sexy latex suit is apart of The Boobies Show of course not in this smokey grey black color but other vibrant colors in Red, Pink, Purple and White and the best part it is for big boobies and small boobies alike.
How do I look?


NAILS: Rezlpsa Loc
NECKLACE: Violent Seduction
HORNS: {Favole}
POSES: PI & Shiseido ( sp? )
RING: LouLou&Co
LEGGINGS: [ Sakide ]
MAKEUP: Corvus
DEVIL TAIL : Blah. * 50 L Gacha *
TRIDENT: Blah. * 50 L Gacha *
LATEX SUIT: Blah.  * The Boobies Show * ( Not in black )
SKIN: Essences *TDR*
HAIR: Magika - Tomorrow * NEW RELEASE *

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