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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Zombie Gurl

" I walk with a zombie zombie zombie "

 This is my fun little Sunday outfit I put together.

Disgraced - Mesh - 5 sizes - 5 colors
( Black, Pink, Red, Teal, Purple )
Hand drawn and very very well in detail.

Fright Night Necklace - Unisex 
Comes with pose stand for modding.
Has tons of spooky and fun 

:: Forgotten Closet ::

Nani - Zombie Pose Pack
Best Best Zombie Poses I have seen.
7 poses in total

Sigh- Halloween Group Gift
Comes in Blood and Candy Corn ( wearing blood )


( I will not put the skin or makeup because I did extreme editing on the skin )

TEETH:: [ soap ]
TATTOOS: [trs]

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