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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Navy Kitty

Clawsit Monster - In the Navy - Sweater and Flats
Comes with a three part set sweater, pants, flats 

Zombie Suicide - Ammo Rings 
Two rings for both hands, ( I had texture problems with them showing )

[trs] - Denim Shorts - Camo
Mesh and varies of sizes, I love they are a good fit.
Gives me a big booty ^_^

Nani - Solider Poses
6 poses of awesome solider poses ( 4 posted above )

:: Designer Circle ::

+Divinity+ - Feline Necklace
Beautiful color scripted necklace that requires light mod if you wear mesh..cause it is a pain in the booty that mesh is.


BRACELETS: P.i.X.X.i.S - Mesh Bangles
NECKLACE: Delicious - Belt Collar
HORNS: {Favole} - Le Menteur
TAIL: {Lemon Tea} - Short hair 
PIERCING: Phoebe - My Heart Mouth * Designer Circle *
MAKEUP: Corvus - Cayeyes
HAIR: Wasabi Pills - Taylor
SKIN: Glam Affair - Ginny 
WOUND: Corvus - Bullet Hole
TATTOO: [trs] - Leg Rosary
NECKLACE: +Divinity+ - Feline * Designer Circle *
FLATS: Clawsit Monster - In the Navy * Forgotten Closet *
SWEATER: Clawsit Monster - In the Navy * Forgotten Closet *
RINGS: Zombie Suicide - Knuckled Ammo Ring * Forgotten Closet *
SHORTS: [trs] - Denim Shorts * Forgotten Closet *

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