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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Roller Girl

:: [trs] ::

Another post of these lovely skinnies by [trs] only this time it is the other 3 lovable colors: Blue, Blueberry and Apple. Mesh and lots of different sizes. 

Eyelure - Hot Crop Tops
I am absolutely in love with these crop tops they are mesh and come in 3 different styles.

:: {PSYCHO:Byts} ::

Provided the poses in this blog episode is {PSYCHO:Byts} which are wonderful and suddle. 
There is also a sale going on at the moment, so don't forget to stop by and get some goodies 

:: JKTrends::

Adore this jewelry set to pieces my first look into the JKTrends brand and I received the blogger pack this morning and I am impressed with the beautiful big statement goldish yellow earrings, which also comes with rings and a medium chain necklace.

( My cheesy attempt to find a roller rink )


SUSPENDERS: Rezlpsa Loc.
MAKEUP: Corvus
HAIR: Tiny Bird
JEANS: [trs] * NEW *
JEWELRY: JKTrends  * NEW *
CROP TOPS: Eyelure * Designer Circle *
SKIN: Al vulo

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