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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fly Away

I talk a lot today, Sorry I have been alone all night I need some social interaction :c 

PatchWork Heart - Wild Child - Baby Blue - Part Mesh/Part Prim
This beautiful mesh dress also comes in Baby Purple as well as some shoes. 
I especially love the top portion with the flowing sleeves, which could be used in other outfits in the future.
The dress portion however is not mesh but prim, the prim attachment however does blend pretty naturally without much fuss.

I will admit I fan-girl-ed for a very long time over these [Aux] Fly Away winged ears since I saw they debut on Plurk. Let me tell you they are my ABSOLUTE favorite purchase, I bought 2 different colors for the moment but will definitely get more in the future before the event ends.
I will not lie...You will have to fight your way to get into this place...lol

:: New, Fresh and Fabulous ::
Dun Dun Dunnnnn I made a new segment. As of late I have been getting a lot of people asking me to blog some of their things, and I am a sucker for fresh faces.. Here is today's...

Holiday Fever (>HF<) - LOLLI - Varies of shades
Group promo for only 200L a skin tone

In the pack that was given it has quite the variety of bases, and skin choices ( teef, lashes, combined ). Overall I am pretty much in awe of how long they took to make this skin and how wonderful it came out. The face is smooth and it works so well with my shape and my outfit.  A++++ ^_^


EARRINGS: MonCheri - Midnight Feather
NAILS: Rezlpsa Loc - Electric Blue
PRIM BEWBS: Lolas! 2.5
PIERCING: Phoebe - Nose Gem & My Heart Mouth
RING: Concrete Flowers - Daisy Ring
HAIR: Ploom - Mila
SHOES: Smexy - Wrinkly Leather
TATTOO: [trs] - Love or Hate
DRESS: PWH - Wild Child - Baby Blue * Bewbapalooza *
SKIN: >HF< - Lolli - Medium * NEW *
WINGS: [Aux] - Fly Free - Owl * The Arcade *

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