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Friday, December 7, 2012

Zombie Christmas

( Picture taken by LittleRen ^_^ )

Here are some more little goodies I have gathered with the spare change I had left.

[AUX] - Slouchy Bows 
This is one of the pieces I adored most about The Arcade besides the Fly away ears.
I was able to get 3 different colors ( gray shown below )

FATEwear - Scarves 
I really wanted to get the rainbow scarf, but I am happy with this awesome piano scarf . Comes in 35?..possible wins because each set of scarfs drape in different ways.

Glam Affair - Renee - Fairy Tales
Awesome skins for a cheap price, of course. I actually got this as a trade from a friend ( ALY :) )
I am in love with the light blue tone and makeup. Each gacha try gives you 4 different brow color options in a  tone pack.

( heavenly in love with this event )

[trs] - Lacy sweater 
This round I decided to use the Lacy sweater as part of the dress to add some clothing to this outfit..
Comes in 3 colors: Black, Red and White

[QE] - Let it Snow
This cute little mini is mesh and comes in varies of sizes for prim boobs or non primmed.


SKIN: Glam Affair - Renee - Fairytales 03 * The Arcade *
SCARF: FATEwear - Granger - Piano key (RF) * The Arcade *
BOW: [AUX] - Slouchy Leather Bow - Gray * The Arcade *
UNDERNEATH: [trs] - Lacy Sweater * Bewbapalooza *
MINI DRESS: [QE] - Sweater Mini - Let it Snow * Bewbapalooza *
TATTOO: Corvus - Body Stitches 
BOOTS: [LWL] -Pretender 
HAIR: TRUTH - Dolly - Fades
FACE TAT : Corvus - Scarred Face
STOCKINGS/GARTER: Goth1c0 - Dark Wishes
EARS: [MANDALA] - Steking Ears
RING: Concrete Flowers - Ice cream
PIERCINGS: Phoebe - M3 & Nose Gem
BRACELETS: +DV8+ - Deathrock Candy
NAILS: Rezlpsa Loc - Electric Blue

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