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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ice Cream

Today's look consists of much boobage.

Holly's new mesh " Missy Boots " are amazingly gorgeous in many different colors, tint able socks and different colored stockings to pick from. Mix and Match and make your friends jealous. :o

Isabella is another one of those skins that has the beautiful detailed skin, lips and most of all boob applier, no hassles to exact color your boobies, not with WoW skins anyways.., comes in different makeup shades ( currently wearing Isabella's " Natural tone "

The adorable glasses are perfect for any woman or child alike. These glasses are fully color scripted from the sides to the bows, and comes with a cool hud for easy access to all the patterns and colors desired.

{ Boobielicious } - " My Sexy Blouse "  comes in a big vast color scheme and of course for you big boob lovers, Tango mesh appliers and, prim boob appliers. ( currently wearing " Blue " )


CUFF: Silent Sparrow
HORNS: +Half-Deer+
CIGGIE: The Sea Hole
NECKLACE: +Divinity+
RING: Concrete Flowers
BLOUSE: { Boobielicious } * Bewbapalooza *
GLASSES: Pretty Liar * NEW*
SHOES: HollyHood * NEW*
SKINS: WoW Skins *NEW*