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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mortal Wolf

So I found out my line problem and will attempt to try it once this blog is done!! ^_^

This is another one of those blogs you do when your half out of it and ringing in the beginning of a New Year, of course my bestfriend is 5 hours ahead of me..so she is awake also intoxicated bringing on my New Year as well...But I say..lets get on with the styling.
For her Style Card * CLick Me * ( Within a reasonable hour cause she is still knocked out ) 

+ Divinity +

I must say I am proud of this brand with it's new necklaces " Mortal " and " Pecado ". Of course because the owner is amazing +Divinity+ put the two chains together as well as making them separated. " Mortal " is a long chain kind of sugar skull representation with added details to certain areas, but the ever holy " Pecado " is a white cross on a shorter chain. All three versions are Unisex and non mod. 


As my profile on my blog states I have this weirdly obsession with anything that goes on my head. Examples include:: Horns, Antlers, Animal Ears or Headbands...[D]oki saved my heart with their product " Wolf " ( in tan ), which has been my favorite part of this here outfit. Wolf comes in many different styling from Adult tail to miniature pup tail ( wearing above ), and floppy ears that come with an amazing HUD to choose which way you want your ears to droop. Best part...when you type the ears go down. ^_^


COLLAR: Sn@tch
NECKLACE: +Divinity+ 
MOUTH: [Soap]
NAILS: Zombie Suicide 
SUSPENDERS : Rezlpsa Loc
SHIRT: [Sakide]
HAIR: [Lelutka]
BOOTS: (Romance)
SKIN: Al Vulo
SHORTS: Chandelle

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