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Monday, January 21, 2013

Rockstar Heart


*Luckie* - Glasses
Luckie this month has giant over sized glasses in three different colors available ( red, hot pink and hearts ) for The Black Market. For this look I moved them up to my head instead of my eyes to make the look a bit more girly.

HollyHood - Shoes
UPDATE:::  In Designer Circle 
I am absolutely loving these new shoes called " Glamour Boots ". They are sexy, sleek and made of a leather base that makes me drool. This shoe pack has many different knee sock color combos, that can make changing outfits last for days ^_^

[M] has a bunch of new stuff that comes out periodically but this week I decided to blog their beautiful mesh armwarmers that have 8-10 possible combos to choose from in a scripted hud. As for their Crop Top & Shirt combo there is many endless possibilities to choose from as you can change the color, pattern, and add a shirt with a click of a button.

[PL] has these new cute french nails that come with a scripted hud which makes it able to change into 8 possible colors/designs, of course I chosen the wrong nail skin SO my fingers are a bit darker than normal, but still gorgeous and barely noticeable unless your staring. 


NECKLACE: + Divinity + & Violent Seduction
HORNS: { Favole }
RING: [*RD*]
SKIN: WoW Skins
TATTOO: [ni.ju]
NAILS: Pretty Liar * NEW*
GLASSES: *Luckie* * The Black Market*
SHOES: HollyHood * Designer Circle *
POSES: Co*motion * Designer Circle *