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Monday, February 4, 2013

Stripey Kitty

[Yulicie] - Dress Stripes
This cute dress is a favorite for the day, it is short, flowy and has an amazing baby pink striped print that is great paired with a dusty rose colored legging from 1 Hundred.

Aeva/Heartsick - Valentine Skin (wearing Be Mine )
So a new Valentine skin set has been put out for this store and they are all beautiful, I am currently wearing " Be Mine " which has a soft glossy pink tint and very minimal eye makeup, so I added my own upper liner by Corvus. My favorite skins from this set are " Crush, Be Mine and Kiss Kiss  ". Each skin comes with it's own perks such as: Shape, Multiple bewb sizes and a teeth layer.

HollyHood - Sequin Diamond Boots
I love love shoes and I have been loving these new Sequin Diamond shoes with a passion...They are located at the new round of Designer Circle which starts today, so make sure you get your own pair comes in Black and Silver. 

Delusions - Tattoo
This is my first mesh tattoo, I never knew they existed till now. I love the design it comes with 4 different saying: Mom, Hers, His and Single. ( since I am single and all...ya know ). I like the fact it is mesh, but I am sad that my arms are between sizes XS and S. When I put on the XS it is too small and it looks...oogly...when I put on the S it is too big and it looks ..well too big..lol. I love the fact that there is mesh tattoos..I just need to fatten up a bit. ^_^. This tattoo can be found at Perfect Wardrobe.

Magika - Hair - Clumbsy
This is the newest release from Magika ( Maybe I haven't checked since this weekend ). 
It is super duper adorable and the hat is attached to the hair comes in variety of pastel colors and of course the hair comes in many different color set packs.

Pick Up Here

Dress - [Y] *New*
Skin - Aeva/Heartsick  *New*
Shoes - HollyHood  *Designer Circle*
Tattoo - Delusions * Perfect Wardrobe *
Hair - Magika  *New*
Bracelets - Rotten Toe
Nails - Pretty Liar
Leggings - 1 Hundred.