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Monday, March 11, 2013

Spiked KitLee

[Sakide] - Lush Leather Shorts
I am so happy to report that I am in love with these shorts, they are all mesh...in every way, including mesh suspenders..Did I mention how much I have a need for suspenders..Make more please!!! ^_^
By the way it also comes with undershirts, so your not completely naked, and the lovely bewbie appliers, which I am gonna be sure to try out.

Pretty Liar - Wings
I have blogged this numerous times by now but I love them so much I am mentioning it again. :)
They are @ The Luck of the Irish 

Beusy - Legwarmers
Another look at these super cute legwarmers that come in a couple different texture designs in colors Red, Grape, Icee, Grey and Green.

This hair is all the rage and cuteness. Comes attached with a kitty spiked headband that is color scripted by a HUD which controls the hair color as well. Each hair comes with different color packs, which includes a HUD to script the headband, hair strands, and other fun options. ( Sorry my brain isn't much for wording today. )

Beauty Info

Shorts - [Sakide] *New*
Wings - [PL] *New*
Hair - Action Hair *New*
Legwarmers - Beusy *New*
Head - TSG
Heartless Tat - Corvus
Heart Tat - +Half-Deer+
Shirt - Krautuve