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Friday, April 26, 2013


Adore & Abhor - Nail Applier
Another beautiful set of nails for you called " Ichor " comes in an array of different colors. But you must have an SLink product.

Zombie Suicide - Ears
I love these ears. They are not a new release however they are a good addition to have to your inventory. Comes with a light hud which changed colors or gauges, piercings and skin tone.

Akeyo - Hoodie
Again not a new release but I finally shelled out the 400L to buy this awesome hoodie called " Gizmo " my best friend is wearing " Barbie "

{S0NG} - Lollipop Eyes
I love love love love my new favorite eyes from {S0NG} called " Lollipop". Comes in a big selection of colors and of course you can mix and match like I did, putting together Grass and Lavender .

~Beauty Info~

Ears - Zombie Suicide *New*
Hoodie - Akeyo *New Purchase*
Eyes - {S0NG} *New*
Hair - Fashionably Dead *New*
Nail Appliers - A&A *New*
Anything else ask!