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One day I will be back...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Tickle me Black

I am so sassy today.
( Pardon my shoe epidemic)

//elephante poses// -Strawberry Fields Forever
All poses in this blog post is provided by the utterly sweet " Strawberry Fields " pose pack. Comes with 6 poses and a little strawberry prop.

DuckNipple - Donna Sneakers 
I love a good pair of sneakers, specially ones that are comfortable and I can run away from stranger dangers. Comes in a vast array of colors in a nicely made color scriptable Hud.

Luas - Hathor
Feathers...so many feathers you don't know what to do with. I took all these beautiful feather like pieces from a full outfit called " Hathor " which includes: crown, neck collar, and other accessories to be quite beautifully devilish.

{ d o l l l e * } - Tiered Ruffle
Wanted so badly to blog this, I love ruffles and specially in this sexy two piece dress that comes in a couple of lovely colors: Black, White and two other colors to which I totally had a brain fart.

*New Purchase*
(Chemistry) - Buttons 
Bunnnnnns!! This cool hair comes with 3 different hair bang options: Side, full and none.

~Beauty Info~

Poses - //elephante poses// *New*
Boots - Duck Nipple *New*
Feathers - Luas *New*
Shirt & Skirt - { dollle*} *New*
Hair - (Chemistry) *New Purchase*

Anything Else Just Ask!