Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mouthie Pleasure:: Whats Going On?

~ New Patient Information ~

Legwarmers:: [monso] :: " My Legwarmer " * A Season Story *
Shoes:: .Olive. :: " The Dont Fall Platform " :: * New *
Skin:: {Yumyums} :: " Alli " ::  * New *
Dress:: {PopTart} :: " Harper ( Pink Leopard ) " :: * New *
Mouth:: Loud Mouth :: " Alli " ::  * New *
To see my opinion on the new mesh mouth look below 

~ Other Patient Information ~

Hair:: [Taketomi] :: " Nurie " 
Bow:: RO :: " Briar Bow " 
Shirt:: -TartCake- :: " Dont Stop Believing Unicorn "
Ears:: [NORE!] :: " Floppy Bunny Ears "
Stockings:: Team Cream :: " Punc stockings "
Eyeliner:: {S0NG} :: " The Liners 6 "
Spots:: AH :: " Spotty Faun "
Scarf:: {PSYCHO:Byts} :: " Kawaii Scarf "
Necklace:: Cute Bytes :: " Bunny Necklace "

~ Patient Personal Update ~

My opinion on the lips is as follows::

Teeth:: I love the teeth, some light adjusting because I made the lips bigger and each teeth set is unique and well made.
Hud:: Easy to use and you can choose your own lipstick which is nice if I want to choose between suddle and extreme colors. To change the size there is no tricky part, just clicking the plus and minus sign, which is nice if your not much into resizing like I am. Comes with suggested skin tones plus a RGB to adjust it to any skin tone in human/fantasy. I do warn you if you dont have a skin that comes with these appliers, it is a bit difficult to match, but I wish anyone well on trying.
Lips Itself:: I like how they look, I might have to play with them a bit because sometimes I felt I looked like a monkey, I think I have to adjust them a bit higher, but I have no complaints.
Price:: The Price was cheaper than I was told, I thought it would be like 900L for them, but they were in the 700's range, and each of the teeth sets were 199L.

Overall I love the product and I can see myself wearing it in alot of different Designers please make more appliers for these lips please * bows *

Now for my song of the blog post it is gonna be one of my favorite groups who are as playful as I am and dress. "B1A4 :: Whats Going on?" Now if you know me at all through-out these months blogging videos. I am obsessed with Baro ( the rapper...always the rapper ). They fixed his more squirrely mouth and some reason I am very sad of this. Lol