I regret to inform you, due to personal reasons I can no longer blog. Thank you so much for putting up with me for so long.
One day I will be back...

Monday, January 27, 2014

Dont Go Home, Have some Cupcake Tea

~ New Important Information ~
* On Me *

Boots:: DuckNipple :: Pisto Boots :: * New * 
* Color Scripted Hudded * * They are freaking gun shoes! *
Lipstick:: Pink Acid :: Matte Pastry Lips ( Apricot ) :: * Soho Market *
* Variety of colors * * Silky smooth texture *
Sweater:: { PopTart } :: Studded Collar ( Grey ) :: * New * 
* Comes in 4 different colors * * Detachable collars *
Eyes:: {S0NG} :: Alaska ( Citrus & Spring ) :: * Kustom9 *
* Comes in 20 colors * * Out Offically Feb 1st * 
Backpack:: Birdy :: Deer Backpack :: * New Purchase *
* Comes in sets of 2 for 199L *
Dress:: Tee*fy :: Julianna Fluffy Dress :: * Collabor 88 *
Cupcake Tea:: ? :: Jim's Cup o'Cake :: * Atelier Kreslo Festival * 
* I am afraid I dont know the owner of this cupcake, just the sculptor *

~ Other Important Information ~
*On Yume *

Eyes: Chu's! - Anthro Lenses 
Eyeliner: Chu's! - Funky Eyeliner
Lips: Pink Fuel - Glossy Pout lipstick 
Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ - Elsa Hud/Version 3
Coat: coldLogic coat - golding. blue with optional shirt /skirt
Kitten Ears: !K&L! - Pierced Rave Kitty Ears
Cheek piercing: Zombie Suicide - Cheek dimples 
Glasses: Mad Mesh - Mad Nerd Glasses
Shoes: fri.day - Peggy T-Straps 

~ Personal Update Information ~

Hello All, 
On this Monday I am pooped, I worked a double shift and then came home to show you all the wonderful relaxing cupcake teacup post I had made yesterday. What is this?? I have a new photo bomber today, and that is the lovely Yume. Her avatar is her own person rendition of Elsa from Frozen, and she looks super cute. I also made her write her own avatar credits, because if you want to be in my blog you gotta put in some muscle. ^^
Also there is more editing in this post than I normally do, Why? ....I am learning Photoshop or atleast tricks and tips...I am afraid I cant really venture to far and wide on the SL grid because my labtop is become a tricky piece of equipment, and well it is a labtop. So I thought for awhile I can do posts from a photo studio and blurr stuff making it look fancy...Sad Excuses...Ugh.. ^_^
Enjoy this post, because I enjoyed putting it together *heart *
Today's Song :: GD & TOP - Dont Go Home