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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Candy Girl Alone

~ New-Venties ~
 = Hudded //  = Slink Appliers

Purse:: Adore&Abhor :: Coffin Purse :: * New ( Limited ) *
" These brand new purses are available in store for 99L singular and 249L fatpack, There is also two cute limited edition Bones & White up for grabs for a limited time, Hurry Hurry! "
Wand:: Buttery Toast :: Princess Wand :: * New *
" This cute 100% mesh wand includes 60 possible color combinations and a resize script "
♥ Headpiece :: Pantsu*Hunter :: Licentia ( Pink ) :: * New *
" It is so cuteeee!! The Pink version is sold at the main store for only 50L till the 25th of May, So go get your copy now, it is also Hudded. " 
Eyes:: {S0NG} :: Mayday ( Bean ) :: * New *
" I will forever confess my love to you {S0NG}, your eyes will always be my favorite * Bows down and kisses your toesys * "

~ Dress Me Up, Oppa ~

Bracelet:: Pantsu*Hunter :: Sugar Veil ( Pink ) 
Ears:: Mandala :: Stretched 
Cat Ears:: The Sugar Garden :: Neko Cosplay ( White ) 
Lipgloss:: The Sugar Garden :: Sweet Luna Lipgloss ( Cotton Candy ) 
Collar:: Pekka :: Ribbon Heart Collar ( Coral ) 
Necklace:: Pantsu*Hunter :: Sugar Veil ( Pink ) 
Piercings:: Cute Poison :: Stellar
Freckles:: -UtopiaH- :: My Freckled Blush
Eyeliner:: [ni.ju] :: Saccharum Tattoo 
Blush:: {Sugar Heart} :: My Deer Blush 
★ Shoes:: +Half-Deer+ :: Milkshake Pumps ( Vanilla ) 
★ Socks:: Buttery Toast :: Gradiant Socks ( Flamingo ) 
★ Skin:: The Sugar Garden :: Luna ( Tone B ) 
Boobies:: Lolas :: Tango
Hair:: [Taketomi] :: Emiko ( Karafuru ) 
Hat:: *EPIC* :: Kawaii Mousey Aviator Hat 
★ Dress:: *EPIC* :: Sparkle Faery Tutu ( Moon Dust )
Poses:: //Elephante Poses// :: Candy Girl 


I am actually in a good mood today, I have been taking lessons strongly for my driving and I have been doing better than I expected. I am super nervous for backing into a parking space because well...I am a derp and I cant full function looking behind me in a moving vehicle without going the way I am looking. Anyways...
This outfit is super cute! I have been wanting blog this dress for some time, I think I bought the wrong color becaue I realize I dont have anything cream or even light other than the many pastels that I own. So I thought why not create some pastel pink cream...(strawberrieeeesssss I am hungry) looking outfit.
The green screen however does not like my dress. I often usually edit out the frilly tutu because of such problems with it turning green BUT I kinda liked it...So yay for failure turning out right?

Infinite H- Alone
I am addicted to you song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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