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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Green Smoke

~ New-venties ~
= Hudded //  = For Slink Appliers

Shoulderpads :: LUAS :: Elvira Pauldron ( Silver ) :: * Countdown Room *
Horns:: Pantsu*Hunter :: Cornua Horns ( Simple Black/Silver ) :: * New *
 Nail Appliers:: Lolapop :: Heart on You ( White ) :: * World Goth Fair * 
 Hair:: [Ayashi] :: Rina :: * New *
Lipgloss:: Pink Acid :: Overly Done Light Gloss ( Summer Rose ) :: * Appliers Expo *

:: Opening of the Dark Style Fair :: 
" I got alot of neat stuff at the Dark Style Fair so I am gonna be posting quite a bit from it, look forward to everyone's darker style posts from May 17th - June 7th, it is a big space, so if you get lost there is a map you can follow which has helped me alot getting to all my favorite stores." 
 Necklace:: Zombie Suicide :: Fancy Skull Necklace :: * Dark Style Fair *
 Shoes:: R3VOLT! :: Lidia Heels 1 [V3] :: * Dark Style Fair * ( High SLINK Feet )
 Dress:: EMPORIUM :: Tainted Dress :: * Dark Style Fair *

~ Dress Me Up, Oppa ~ 

Poses:: Focus Poses :: Smoking Girl Set 
Bracelets:: Devious Mind :: Lolita ( Electric Storm ) 
Garter:: Violent Seduction :: Vinyl Star Garter 
Arm Bands:: Envious :: Bittersweet 
Goggles:: NS:: :: Goggles 
Nose Ring :: Zombie Suicide :: Simple Nose Ring
Eyes:: The Sugar Garden :: Mori Eyes ( Dark Brown ) 
Freckles:: -UtopiaH- :: My Freckled Blush
Eyeshadow :: [ni.ju] :: Saccharum
Eyeliner:: {S0NG} :: Catlick Eyliner ( 01 ) 
☒ Stockings:: Buttery Toast :: Them Bones ( Black ) 
☒ Skin:: The Sugar Garden :: Eun-Seo ( B Tone ) 

~ Blurbble ~

Dark Rainnnnbooooowwww. Haha I can't stay away from my colors no matter how dark a fair or festival is. It is currently 3:15am and I am still awake and listening to Who Let the Dogs out....I have no idea..I am on Shuffle in the 90's era on Spotify. Nostalgia.

I also have included some sort of symbol bar code thing. I found it easier than all the writing. So till I can think of some other nice inventive things. I will include symbols for all Hudded items and all stuff with Slink Applier(s) whether it be Hands or Feet. I might include one as well for Boobies.. We shall play it by ear. Does that sound like a good idea?...Who knows. 

My friends and I found this new group ( that may not be quite new but new to us ) called M.Pire.. ( Said as Vampire only with an M. ) They are pretty adorable. 

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