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Monday, May 5, 2014

Merry Mouse

Poses:: Glitterburps :: Dance Dance Dance

~ New-Venties ~

Tail:: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations :: Meiade ( Tangerine ) :: * Fantasy Room *
Hair 1:: LCKY :: Rene ( Non rigged & Rigged versions avail ) :: * New *
Hair 2:: *Milk* :: Dandelions :: * Fit For A Princess *
" I will be making another post in a later date for the MilK " Dandelion " hair separately, I seemed to find a passion for combining these two hairs together.  "
Lipgloss:: Pink Acid :: Wet Slick Lip Gloss ( Spring Pink ) :: * Dope Spring Fashion Week *
" I am not sure how long this will last, but I know they will be avail in the mainstore and come in Loud Mouth appliers"
Dress:: B@rerose :: Merry Idol :: * New Release *
" Comes with two different dress color combinations for a savory price of 190L

Pose:: Glitterburps :: Resting my feet

~ Dress Me Up, Oppa ~

Ears:: Mandala :: Stretched Ears
Headband:: LUAS :: Nicy Headband
Glasses:: Ellemeno :: Clean Glasses ( Green ) 
Ears:: PinkAcid :: Kawaii Mousey Ears 
Necklace:: The Sugar Garden :: Luna Crisis Compact 
Eye Stickers:: PinkFuel :: Heart Stickers ( Orange ) 
Eyes:: The Sugar Garden :: Mori Eyes ( Dark Brown ) 
Eyeshadow:: Adore&Abhor :: Princess Blossom ( Yellow ) 
Freckles:: -UtopiaH- :: My Freckled Blush 
Blush:: Dead Apples :: Anime Blusher 
Stocking:: Cheeky :: Sweet Long Leggings ( White )
Drippy:: Beusy :: Dripping Slime Leggings 
Shoes:: {PopTart} :: Sugar Strap Sneakers ( Pink Glitter )
Skin:: The Sugar Garden :: Hope ( Tone B ) 

Pose:: {Sugar Heart} :: Got Mine 

~ Blurbble ~
I am in a rather happy mood today. I mean work was terrible, absolute to be exact. I got yelled at by co workers for doing my job..Literally. I am so stressed out by my job it is unbearable. However when I come home to EXO, I am rather happy. I have been listening to EXO-M - Overdose since debut and I am having a small crush on Lay, whom my bestfriend and I call Layicorn.

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